• Mary K. Armstrong

We Survive as a Species by Staying Together

A family of cave people on the lookout from their cave (home).
Speaking of homo sapiens...

Here we are, still in the midst of a pandemic. We’re being told to stay away from one another for our physical health, just when we need to come closer together for emotional comfort. Isn’t it ironic that the path to 'flattening the curve' depends on our disciplined avoidance of one another just when we have a human need for physical close connection?

We survived as a species by staying together. In our evolution as homo sapiens, anyone denied the protection of the group and the warmth of the fire would perish. When we became mammals, giving birth required closeness to the others along with their protection because our young were vulnerable for years before functioning as competent beings.

Actually, maybe there are two epidemics hitting us: COVID-19 and loneliness. More next time about the loneliness epidemic.


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